IGM Aerostat-IC Launch & Retrieval System

A-IC Launch and Retrieval SystemThe A-IC Responder Launch and Retrieval System is a fully integrated, durable, easily deployable surveillance and communications system with best in class technology. New data communication sensors provide for digital long range network connectivity. The A-IC can accommodate a wide range of payloads from various cameras (EO/IR or EO/IR/MWIR, etc.) to communication payloads depending on the mission.

Airborne Chassis is camera/sensor agnostic- Expert Technical Support readily available to provide service to the existing sensor payload, modify communications hardware to increase range or network connectivity, or replace camera system to meet specific operational requirements.

Aerial Surveillance is crucial in a variety of response scenarios whether on water or land. The entire self-contained A-IC platform can be easily loaded on to an aircraft, ship or vehicle for transport or deployment.

Made and supported in the USA.
Made in the USA

Download Aerostat IC Model 1500 Launch and Retrieval System Documentation


Arctic Shield Technology Test and Evaluation 2014
IGM (sponsored by OSRI) had the opportunity to participate in the USCG Arctic Shield Technology Test & Evaluation 2014.  We were aboard the USCG Healy from August 7 – 24th and sailed from Seward, Alaska to the ice edge above Barrow, Alaska.  The objective of this test and evaluation was to integrate data from various technol0gy platforms to increase situational awareness and to be able to provide persistent aerial surveillance when other aircraft is not able to fly.  The A-IC was successful in its capability to fly and perform in marginal weather conditions when other aerial surveillance platforms were constrained by weather parameters.


International Oil Spill Conference 2014
Savannah, GA, May 2014

IGM was selected to participate in the IOSC 2014 On Water and Aerial Technical Demonstration. We successfully demonstrated the value of utilizing an Aerostat-IC for remote surveillance during an oil spill scenario. We provided an aerial view both in EO and IR to prove the value to the operators to receive an overview of operating situation to enable work crews to attack the heaviest oil and increase encounter rate so that the oil spill can be efficiently and effectively cleaned up. This video can also be transmitted to a command center to enable pre-planning for the NOP.

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