Crisis & Spill Response

Inland-Gulf Maritime offers new and innovative technology for oil spill cleanup as well as conventional services to restore the marine environment.

Inland-Gulf Maritime delivers new and original oil spill cleanup processes and equipment backed by a wealth of maritime experience. Our services include:

  • Subsurface technology – A unique, patent pending subsurface solution for locating, mapping, sampling and removing submerged oil mats (SOM).
  • Flexible skimming system – Innovative proprietary surface/near surface skimming and vacuuming equipment that enables both fluid and coagulated oil removal in a variety of marine conditions, including shallow water.
  • Conventional cleanup methods - Experienced personnel, reliable equipment and convenient facilities for inland and offshore oil removal.

To learn more about how Inland-Gulf Marine’s technology and services can provide effective answers for marine technologies issues, contact us today at or (404) 392-6710. We stand ready to assist our clients in reducing the environmental impact of oil spills with a variety of solutions.